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Automatic Concrete Batching Plant Advantage


Automatic Concrete Batching Plant Advantage

The automatic concrete batching plant is controlled by the whole computer system. The operating platform and computer display in the control room can visually reflect the whole production process and the situation of each part. It reflects the cement storage condition of the cement silo, the aggregates storage in the aggregate silo, the material storage, aggregate transportation and concrete discharge, etc. Once a problem occurs in a certain part, it can be found and solved in the shortest time. All concrete batching plants are controlled by computer. They can be controlled automatically or manually. Meanwhile, It is easy to operate and maintain and has a long service life.

control platform

The dynamic panel displays the operation of each part of the concrete plant. At the same time, it stores various data of the concrete batching plant, print various report materials according to requirements. The control room is equipped with air conditioning to ensure the durability of electrical components, stable and reliable performance.

The automatic concrete batching plant

The automatic concrete batching plant is generally simple in operation and accurate in measurement. It has good performance is good, however, its price is higher than the semi-automatic. Compared with automatic concrete plant, the semi-automatic concrete batching plant has same producitvity. So the customers need to choose the proper concrete mixing plant according to our actual situation.

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