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Concrete Batching Plant Electrical System


Concrete Batching Plant Electrical System

Electrical system play an important role in concrete batching plants. Therefore, the performance requirements for electrical system has a high standard. The followings are three standards for concrete batching plant electrical system.

During production, the concrete batching plant requires eletric system achieve automatic control of the entire working process. That is, this concrete plant only needs several management personnel to complete the production process.

The electric control system can automatically remove the tare weight and correct the drop. It can control the measurement accuracy more effectively and have a light alarm device.

The electrical control system realizes the fuctions such as convenient input and convenient operation. It can accurately adjust and modify the set values of each material. Meanwhile, the electrical control system must have perfect self-locking and interlocking functions to ensure accurate and reliable operation of the system. For common fault electrical control systems, fault detection and alarm functions are required.

Camelway Concrete Batching Plant

Camelway is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the construction machinery. The company mainly manufactures concrete batching plant, continous mixing plant, concrete mixer truck, etc. The products have won the praise of customers.

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