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Summer Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance Work


In summer, the special climatic conditions require that the construction of concrete batching plant needs to do the work of preventing high temperature. There are some precautions about the operation of the concrete batching plant in summer.

Cooling the Temperature of Concrete Batching Plant

1. The concrete batching plant works in open-air. It does not have the heatstroke prevention function. Therefore, it is necessary to sprinkle water in the site every hour, reducing the relative temperature of the whole environment. The water required to mix the concrete should be kept at the normal water temperature, guaranteeing the quality of the concrete produced.

2. All equipment try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible, diligently check the condition of the electrical circuit, look at the heat dissipation of the motor, prevent the motor from overheating and cause the motor to burn.

3. The concrete batching plant should be turned off for a period of time. The concrete mixer truck should also be repaired in time. Try to park the mixer truck in a cool, ventilated environment, then check the tires, and cool the concrete tanker.

The Personnels' Heatstroke Prevention Work

1.The workers should have reasonable arrangements for working hours. The working time is shortened as much as possible, reducing labor intensity.

2. When the temperature is high every day, the workers try to avoid working. The workers  need to drink water once every other time.

3. Every worker should have the  heatstroke prevention drugs.

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