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Concrete Mixer With Pump Classifications


Concrete Mixer With Pump is a small concrete pump that uses a fully automated construction operating system. It integrates feeding, concrete mixing and concrete high-pressure pumping. It has the features such as easy to operate, stable in performance and easy to move. According to the type of concrete mixer, the concrete mixer pump is divided into the drum-type concrete mixer pump and the compulsory-type concrete mixer pump.

Drum-type Concrete Mixer Pump

Camelway Drum-type Concrete Mixer Pump has the characteristics of small power, small floor space, convenient movement and low investment cost. Compared with large and medium-sized concrete trailer pumps and truck-mounted concrete pump, drum-type concrete mixer pump is more convenient to use. It is especially suitable for the construction of 5-10 storey buildings in rural towns and new rural areas. The pumped concrete can be loaded up to a height of 130 meters.

drum type concrete mixer pump compulsory concrete mixer pump

Complusory-type Concrete Mixer Pump

The Complusory type Concrete Mixer Pump is a new generation of concrete mixer pump developed on the basis of the Camelway drum-type concrete mixer pump in order to better meet the market demand. The compulsory-type concrete mixer pump adopts the compulsory twin-shaft mixing. It has the features such as short mixing cycle period, uniform concrete mixing and good quality. It can stir more concrete in a short time and shorten the construction time.

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