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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Model

The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has the features of compact structure, strong mobility, convenient construction and transfer. It can adapt to a variety of complex operating environments. The mobile concrete plant configuration is basically similar to that of a stationary concrete plant.

The mobile concrete plant uses an accumulative metering device for accurate and reliable metering. Usually, it equips with two aggregate bins, which is suitable for aggregate demand in general engineering. Meanwhile, its high-precision sensor and automatic compensation function of the drop ensure the measurement accuracy of the aggregate.

mobile concrete batching plant

concrete batching plant type

Compared with stationary concrete plant, all mobile concrete plant adopts the belt conveyor to transport aggregates. Thus, the production efficiency of the mobile concrete plant is actually higher than that of the stationary concrete plant of the same model. Its discharge height is 3.8~4.1m.

The conveying and weighing process of its powder and liquid admixture is similar to that of the stationary concrete plant. The powder is stored in the cement silo and transported by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper.

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