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Self-unloading Concrete Mixer


Self-unloading Concrete Mixer

The self-unloading concrete mixer, also known as the drum mixer, is the oldest mixing equipment in the concrete industry. It relies on the rotation of the mixing drum and the blades fixed in the cylinder to bring the stirring material to a high place, then stir the concrete by its own weight. According to the different working principle, the self-unloading concrete mixer is divided into the non-tilting mixer and tilting mixer.

self falling concrete mixer

Self-unloading Concrete Mixer supplier

The self-unloading concrete mixer is less worn and easy to clean. It is commonly used in some small construction projects. Due to its own structural characteristics, the self-unloading concrete mixer can not meet the production requirements of concrete in modern society. Moreover, the self-unloading concrete mixer has high power consumption and low production efficiency. The mixing drum and the stirring blade have no relative movement, producing low quality concrete.

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