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Continuous Mixing Plant

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Continuous Mixing Plant


The continuous mixing plant is equipped with a continuous mixer and a continuous batching machine. It discharges materials continuously in production. At the same time, it is commonly used to produce a variety of roadbed materials, such as lime soil, cement stabilized soil, cement stabilized macadam, roller compacted concrete, etc. Moreover, it can also be used for cold mix asphalt concrete. Since continuous mixing plants are commonly used to produce roadbed materials, they are also widely known as stabilized soil mixing plants.

Camelway continuous mixing plant has the characteristics of accurate metering, stable performance, small footprint. Its highest output is up to 800 tons per hour. Meanwhile, for temporary projects, we provide mobile continuous mixing plants.

Continuous Mixing Plant


1. What is the difference between a Continuous Mix plant and a Batching Mix plant?

Continuous mixing plant adopts continuous mixer and continuous batching machine. The mixing error of sand aggregate is high, but the production capacity is large. It is suitable for projects with low requirements on batching accuracy and high production capacity, such as lime soil. Liquor, cement stabilized soil, cement stabilized gravel and other production needs.

The batch mixing plant uses a batch mixer and a batch batching machine. The metering accuracy and mixing efficiency are high, and it is mainly used to produce high quality ready-mixed concrete.

2. Can the Continuous Mixing Plant produce Roller Compacted Concrete?

Roller Compacted Concrete is a kind of zero-collapse concrete, which is mainly used in the construction of roads and concrete dams. If your project does not require high precision of aggregates in concrete, the continuous mixing plant is suitable. For high precision application, it is recommended to use our Special RCC Mixing Plant for Roller Compacted Concrete.

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