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How to clean the Concrete Mixer in Concrete Batching Plant?

How to clean the Concrete Mixer in Concrete Batching Plant?


The cleaning work of the concrete mixer is as follows:

(a)When the production is over or the machine is down for more than half an hour, the mixer should be cleaned. The remaining material in the mixer should be thoroughly cleaned after batching the material every day . Meanwhile , in the process of water washing, the gravel can be mixed with about 500kg for the sake of the cleaner cleaning.

Concrete Mixer

(b)The discharging door of mixer will remain open after opening. In the meantime, the discharging door can be manually switched to fully wash the blender gate as required. 

(c)If the shutdown time exceeds more than one week, the material in each measuring bucket must be emptied(such as cement, water, admixture and various kinds of aggregate), Cleaning the discharging hopper, so as to avoid material hardened.

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