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How to Select Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher?

How to Select Impact Crusher and Cone Crusher?


When selecting crushing equipment, we should select the appropriate crushing equipment according to different needs of the materials and finished products. If the hydraulic Cone Crusher is the best choice for crushing high hardness materials, then Impact Crusher is a secret weapon that can crushing all kinds of low and medium hardness minerals.

Though both of them are secondary crushing equipment, it's easy to distinguish Impact Crusher and the Cone Crusher according to the crushing principle and the appearance structure. The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing, thus material is repeatedly impacted and broken between the hammer and the counterattack board; the Cone Crusher adopts the laminating crushing technique to smash the material by squeezing the material sandwiched between them.

There are some differences between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher in actual production, as follows:

I The scope of application is different.

Both the Impact Crusher and the Cone Crusher can be as secondary crushing equipment, but they crush different hardness materials. In general, the Cone Crusher mainly breaks some hard materials such as granite, basalt, tuff, etc., while the Impact Crusher is used to crush materials with less hardness, such as calcium carbonate and limestone.

In a word, Impact Crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and lower hardness materials; Cone Crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials.

II The discharge granularity is different.

It's different that material size discharged from the two crusher equipment. In general, the Cone Crusher is thinner than the material crushed by the Impact Crusher. In actual production, Cone Crusher is mostly used in mineral processing; Impact Crusher is mostly used in building materials and construction projects.

III The finished grain type is different.

The Impact Crusher has a good grain shape, and the finished product has fewer corners and more powder materials.

IV The amount of processing is different.

Compared with the Impact Crusher, the Cone Crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., thus the Cone Crusher is often used for large-scale and high-yield production line operations.

V Different Input Costs

The price of the Cone Crusher is more expensive than that of the Impact Crusher, but Cone Crusher has a long service life, avoiding the trouble of frequently replacing parts. In the long run, the Cone Crusher is more cost-effective than the Impact Crusher.  In other words, the purchase cost of the Impact Crusher is low, but the maintenance cost is high in the later stage; the cost of the Cone Crusher is high, but the input cost is low in the later stage.

VI The degree of pollution is different

The Impact Crusher has large noise pollution and dust pollution; the Cone Crusher has less pollution.

On the whole, Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose depends on the actual needs of users, such as the nature of crushed stone, production requirements, discharged specifications and investment budget. However, Camelway cone crushing mainframe, as the star product of the Camelway crushing series products, has demonstrated its stable quality guarantee in a large number of construction site application test conditions.

As a high-power, large crushing ratio, high productivity, high reliability cone crusher mainframe, Camelway cone crushing mainframe is widely used in medium and fine crushing of high hardness materials, especially suitable for ultra-fine crushing and hard rock, ore, slag, refractory materials and so on. The crushing process is continuous, and the cone crushing host product has a relatively good grain size.

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