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How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant? (I)

How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant? (I)


The quality of the products is the guarantee of the durability of mixing equipment. Regular and proper maintenance can keep the excellent performance of concrete batching plant. We can maintain concrete batching plant from the following five aspects.

I Aggregate Bin

The aggregate bin is an important component of the whole concrete batching plant. It is mainly used to store aggregates, accurately meter and supply aggregates in time. Usually, the storage capacity of concrete batching plant is 1.25-2.5 times of the rated production capacity of the mixing equipment; the belt conveyor feeds in time to ensure the continuous operation of the concrete batching plant. Check whether the door opening limit device is loose to avoid affecting the accuracy of drop value; check whether the vibration motor bolt is loose and the silo screen is blocked; check whether each roller has the situation of jam/non-rotation; check whether the belt is deviation, ect.

II Belt conveyor

The belt conveyor of aggregate conveying is a conveying equipment of batching plant with large conveying capacity, low operating cost and continuous conveying; it is suitable for conveying ordinary materials with loose density of 500~2500kg/m3; its working environment temperature is -10°C~40°C. In addition, the aggregate conveyors that work in special environment such as heat, cold, corrosion and other conditions, should take some appropriate protective measures to protect them.

III Belt conveyor of conveying aggregate

Check whether there is any jam/non-rotation of each roller, the belt is deflected, or the bolts of each component are loose; check if the reducer has abnormal noise or oil leakage; check if the V-belt is slippery or loose.

After 100 working hours, apply grease to the tensioning screw of the belt conveyor; after 500 working hours, inspect the belt conveyor of batching plant.

IV Dust removal system

Dedusting of concrete batching plant is particularly important, cause the accumulation of dust brings inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of concrete batching plant, which degrades the performance of equipment and shortens the service life. Therefore, the dust removal system needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Check the water collection condition of the air filter; clean the dust collector and the powder scale connection pipe, the connection pipe between the mixing machine and the dust collector; check and clean the filter element every month, and replace it timely if there's damage.

V Metering system

Metering systems are key components that affect the quality of concrete and the cost of concrete production. Proper maintenance will ensure that the weighing device of concrete batching plant meets the requirements, and the error is within the scope of the specification to ensure the quality of concrete products.

Before work starts, it is necessary to inspect the measurement system of concrete batching plant, focusing on whether the sensor or the scale is stuck or loosened by something; check whether there is air leakage in each gas path.

After 500 working hours, clean the dust on the butterfly valve panel and carefully clean it. Do not hammer it to avoid cracking. In addition, the scale should be regularly checked.

Camelway technical staffs will teach the workers how to operate concrete batching plant, continuous mixing plant, sand making machine and other equipment after completing installation, so the maintenance of machines will be easy for customers. If you wanna know more machines' info, click here to know more details and get a quotation.

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