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How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant? (II)

How to maintain the Concrete Batching Plant? (II)


The quality of the products is the guarantee of the durability of mixing equipment. Regular and proper maintenance can keep the excellent performance of concrete batching plant. So, what kind of equipment maintenance can optimize the performance of equipment?

I Air compressor

The oil level in the crankcase of the air compressor should be above the minimum oil level marking line. Check the oil level and lubricating oil quality every 15 days or periodically. In addition, the air compressor of concrete batching plant should be placed in a flat, clean place and should not be placed in wet, dirty and dusty places.

Pull the thick oil pump twice every working day to supply oil to the shaft end seal; clean the air compressor filter once a week; check the sensitivity of safety valve every 3 months; clean the silencer every 250 hours; change the lubricant after working 500 hours.

II Powder silo

When pumping the powder of batching plant, it's necessary to open the dust removal device for 1~2 minutes (used to clear the residual ash that accumulated in the last pumping). After completing the powder pumping, the dust removal device is turned on again for 1~2 minutes. If there is powder on safety valve of roof pressure, it's necessary to clean the safety valve and the surrounding powder in time.

A comprehensive cleaning inspection of the safety valve should be carried out every six months. The working pressure of the safety valve is 5Kpa, pay attention to the tightness adjustment of the spring when debugging.

All in all, the equipment productivity and utilization rate could be increased by maintain the mixing system; the equipment life cycle is extended due to the good performance indicators of concrete batching plant, all these resulting that the economy could be maximized for customers.

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