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Bolted Cement Silo for Sale, Bolted Cement Silo Manufacturer


Attention, the price of the Silo is indicated when buying with a complex Camelway batching plant.

When buying a Silo separately, the price is a little higher.

Cement silo is designed for loading binder (cement) from a hopper car or cement truck, and its storage at enterprises engaged in the production of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products.

bolt cement silo

Currently, with increasing competition among enterprises involved in the construction industry, companies are trying to optimize and reduce their costs associated with the production of building materials and concrete by purchasing various additional equipment that allows the use of cheaper material.

One type of such optional Equipment is bolted Silo. 

Camelway Cement Silo

Structurally, a cement silo is a large capacity (can) that performs only one task - receiving cement from an external carrier and distributing it for further use. Camelway Plant offers a line of prefabricated Cement Silos, which will help their customers save on transportation cost of silos to the place of work.

bolted silo

All prefabricated silos from the Camelway Plant are compact and easy to assemble, provide a capacity of 50 to 200 tons of cement: - Basic equipment, consisting of:

1. cement can
2. staircase with railing
3. upper platform fence
4. pipe for pumping cement with a diameter of 102 mm
5. support frame
6. packing equipment
- Additional optional equipment:
Manual rotary damper (butterfly valve);
Vibrator for collapse
Aeration system (loosening of compressed cement during unloading);
Sensors of the upper and lower levels of cement (monitors the cement levels in the tank);
Cement filter (Purification filter that prevents dust from blowing material into the silo);
Pressure relief valve (preventing overpressure in the silo)
As a rule, Silos are located outside the workshops, outdoors or under a canopy.

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