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Concrete Batching Plant for Sale Namibia


Concrete Batching Plant for Sale Namibia

Camelway Machinery provide Concrete Batching Plants in Namibia, Our product range includes stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batching plants and compact concrete batching plants. Our concrete batching plants can be operated in a variety of climatic conditions.

Our concrete batching plants are used in many countries in Africa, including South Africa, Lesotho, Tanzania, Algeria, Congo, Tunisia, etc and justifies itself in both urban and suburban construction, in the construction of facilities with a large area.

Concrete Batching Plant for Sale Namibia

Concrete Batching Plant office

We Camelway sells compact concrete batching plants in Namibia. Plants of various capacities are offered: from relatively small and compact (20 cubic meters per hour) to serious high-performance complexes (up to 240 cubic meters per hour). It allows to produce both ready-mixed concrete, concrete for reinforced concrete products (reinforced concrete).

In suburban construction and the construction of remote facilities, the use of mobile concrete plants is beneficial, since it is advisable to produce concrete mix directly at the production site.

Continuous Mixing Plants are equipment for mixing cement soil and the manufacture of various building mixtures, which are used primarily in road construction works. The Continuous mixing plant includes a mixer, containers for storing components for the future mixture (cement, soil, water), equipment for supplying components to the mixer (belt and screw conveyors), and a pump for feeding various liquid chemical additives. The productivity of such plants can be different - from 200 ton/h to 800 ton/h

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