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Concrete Plant Dust-control


Along with the rapid development of Concrete Plants, a series of problems have followed. Environmental issues are the primary problem that plagues users of concrete mixing plants. The followings are corresponding solution to the problem of concrete plant dust-control.

Concrete Plant Configuration

The concrete plant should proper design, layout and reasonable selection of dust removal equipment. Install the duster directly on the inclined belt head cover. All the air ducts are also connected to the inclined belt head cover. Then the dust collector installs a pneumatic butterfly valve automatically controlled by the operating system of the batching plant.

Concrete Plant Normative Operation

The concrete plant staff should carefully check and maintain the dust removal equipment. The control of the dust collector of the silo dust collector is very important. Therefore, it is necessary for each shift to check whether each dust removal pipe is dusty. Because the non-vertical dust removal pipe is easy to block. The staffs regularly check the dust collection of each dust collector filter and disassemble and clean the filter cartridge if necessary.

It is necessary to find the cause of this problem in order to properly handle the dust problem of concrete plant. Only in this way, we can better solve the corresponding problems and better promote the development of the concrete batching plant industry.

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