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Concrete Pump For Sale


Concrete pump is a kind of construction equipment used for conveying and pouring concrete. It can complete horizontal transportation and vertical transportation in one continuous operation, with high efficiency and low labor intensity. It is especially suitable for concrete transportation of high-rise or long-distance complex terrain. Concrete pumps are generally divided into tow pumps and on-board pumps. They have different characteristics and are suitable for pumping and supplying various concrete.

Concrete pump is a modern construction equipment for concrete pumping construction through pipelines. 

It has the advantages of safe operation, high construction efficiency, good quality, low cost and no pollution to the environment. It is widely used in modern urban construction, airports, Concrete construction works such as roads, bridges, water conservancy, shops, energy, etc.

concrete pump

Concrete pump Characteristics

Small size, light weight, strong maneuverability, easy access to the construction site.

The structure is relatively simple, and the operation and maintenance are safe and convenient.

The hydraulic support legs when the bolt is prevented from falling off, the positioning of the whole machine is quick and convenient.

"Dead angle" is small, can adapt to a variety of concrete formulations.

The "S" valve is used, the sealing is good, the structure is simple, the performance is reliable, and the wearing parts are convenient to replace.

Concrete pump truck is a special machine for conveying concrete. 

On the basis of ensuring the uniformity and compactness of concrete, he can complete the horizontal conveying and vertical conveying of concrete in one time by means of the boom system and the swing mechanism, compared with the traditional conveying method. It has the advantages of high efficiency, reduced pre-labor and low comprehensive cost. Especially for some narrow and obstructed construction sites, it is difficult to directly approach the construction project with other transportation tools. At this time, the concrete pump truck can highlight its advantages.

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