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How To Choose And Buy A Concrete Batching Plant?


A concrete batching plant (concrete unit) is a technical composite device consisting of units and components, the result of which is used to produce concrete mixtures. The use of concrete plants allows the independent production of industrial concrete of any quality and brand.

Typically, this equipment combination includes concrete mixers, lifting hoppers (belts), batching machines, conveyors, silos, silos and automatic concrete production control systems.

The key component of the equipment is the concrete mixer, Because concrete is stirred by adding materials (sand, gravel, water). It (basically) determines the productivity, which is measured in cubic meters per hour of finished product.Concrete batching plant is divided into commercial batching plant and engineering batching plant.

How To Choose And Buy A Concrete Batching Plant

Commercial Concrete Batching Plant Supplier

The commercial batching plant is a large concrete batching plant. Many customers buy it to sell concrete. This type of concrete batching plant has high input cost, but the production volume is unmatched, very high, and the maximum output can reach 300 cubic meters per hour. 

Engineering Concrete Batching Plant Supplier

Engineering Concrete Batching Plant(Modern concrete mixing plants) are a complete solution for the construction industry. They are designed for the production of ready-mixed concrete directly on construction sites, In addition, they are installed quickly and are highly efficient in obtaining the characteristics of concrete mortar.

The price of the concrete plant and the loose financing conditions make the concrete factory no longer a luxury, but a profitable investment for the company. Therefore, our concrete plants are used in industrial and residential buildings and have recently been used in the agricultural sector to ensure their own needs.

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