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How to make concrete block by Camelway concrete mixer


How to make concrete block by Camelway concrete mixer

For construction, you can use not only purchased concrete blocks, but also made independently. The most important thing in the manufacture of blocks is to make collapsible forms or buy them, the presence of a concrete mixer and a room with a temperature of 60-70 degrees for drying.

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To make a mold for blocks, you need to take a sheet of iron, cut it to the required size of the desired shape. Cut grooves on each side and assemble. You can make the shape and size of concrete blocks as you wish, but it’s better not to make them large - this will simplify and facilitate the construction process.

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1,For the manufacture of concrete, high grade cement, fine crushed gravel, clean river sand will be required. The ratio of the solution is based on 1 part cement, 3 parts sand and 3 parts crushed stone.

2, The solution must be thoroughly mixed in a concrete mixer. Manual mixing for block production is not suitable. Because their quality depends not only on the solution, but also on the thoroughness of its mixing.

3,Pour the water gradually. The solution for the blocks should not be liquid.

4,Pour the solution into molds in the drying room. Lubricate the molds with machine oil.

5,For warmer concrete blocks, you can make blocks with the presence of voids, which will additionally help save mortar and make the finished block easier. For voids, glass bottles can be installed in molds.

6,Blocks need to be dried at high temperature.

7,After two days, you can remove the blocks from the molds and evenly lay on the platform for gaining strength.

8,Forms can be refilled with mortar.

9,To avoid downtime due to drying of the blocks, make a sufficient number of molds.

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