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Truck-mounted Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Indonesia


Truck-mounted concrete batching plant is also called mobile concrete batching plant. There are two types of mobile concrete batching plant, one is traction type, the other is Truck-mounted type. Towed batching plant is a concrete batching plant that is pulled by a truck, because there are wheels on the batching plant that can follow the truck,Another type is a Truck-mounted concrete batching plant, which requires a Truck to carry and move during the movement.

The biggest feature of the truck-mounted concrete batching plant is that it is easy to move and move at any time, so many road projects, railway projects, and housing construction projects often use mobile concrete batching plants., Because it is a mobile concrete batching plant, it will not be very large in terms of weight or floor area in design. This design is to facilitate Truck traction and is a safety measure.

Truck mounted Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Indonesia

Truck-mounted Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Indonesia

Customers who want to buy a Truck-mounted Concrete Batching Plant(Mobile Concrete Batching Plant) can contact us and we can provide complete product information and quotations .We have sold many concrete batching plants in Indonesia. Some time ago we installed a HZS60 fixed concrete batching plant in Jakarta, Indonesia. Customers who want to purchase a concrete batching plant can visit the site, and camelway has multiple offices around the world.

Concrete Batching Plant Supplier In Indonesia

Camelway is a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants. With 36 years of production experience, it has spanned half a century. The experience is very rich. It can produce various concrete batching plants, such as mobile concrete batching plants. Fixed concrete batching plant, engineering concrete batching plant, we have our own production site, we are the manufacturer, so the price of our equipment  lower than the market price in situ.

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