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Winter Concrete Batching Plant For Sale


What is the difference between the concrete batching plant in winter and the concrete batching plant? Because it is below zero degrees Celsius in winter, the water is easy to freeze, and the quality of the produced concrete is not very good. It is easy to have problems at the interface of each component of the winter equipment. The winter concrete batching plant is fully enclosed, and the equipment and control room are all wrapped in a simple room. The sealing is very good. In the summer, it can also prevent the pollution caused by dust flying out. The concrete concrete batching plant in winter uses special insulation paint. It can effectively prevent corrosion caused by bad weather and greatly increase the service life. The thickness of the cement silo exceeds the standard thickness, which greatly improves the frost resistance.

Winter Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Winter Concrete Batching Plant For Sale1

Advantages of purchasing a Camelway winter concrete mixing plant.

  • You can produce ultra-high quality concrete for your own sale.
  • Most suitable for the production of materials on construction sites.
  • The cost of a concrete mixing plant is lower than the market price.
  • Reduce material delivery costs.
  • No staff training required - the factory has automatic control functions.
  • Productivity - ready-mixed concrete from 25 to 240 cubic meters per hour.
  • Modular design.

How much does winter concrete batching plant cost?

To order Winter concrete batching plant equipment at Camelway, the total cost of the concrete batching plant is the sum of the cost of the complete set of equipment. Please fill out the message on the website or call the contact number. Our manager will provide the necessary information about the delivery, customs and documents.

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