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Operation Method of Concrete Batching Plant


Operation Method of Concrete Batching Plant

First, check whether the power supply is normal; check whether lubrication, electrical appliances and mechanical parts are normal. If there is any abnormal situation, operator should timely feed back to equipment maintenance department and related personnel to deal with. The the concrete batching plant can be started to work.

When the concrete plant is working, the raw materials shall not poured exceed the maximum capacity of concrete mixer, avoiding damage the motor. Attention: hand is strictly prohibited to cylinder in the process of mixing, same to other items. while working, close computer cover, fasten a card buckle cover, connect to the power supply, set the timer, and press button of shipment. After alarm time, batching machine can discharge materials, and it is prohibited to charge materials during operation process.

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After finishing operation, operator must shut off the power, then clean up the mixing cylinder and chassis parts; When the operator is not at the table, he must cut off power supply, stop the operation of the machine, if someone finds the machine failure or abnormal operation in the working process, cut off power supply, stop it immediately, then ask relevant personnel to maintain.

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