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Types of Concrete Batching Plants


Types of Concrete Batching Plants

All Concrete Batching Plants have similar operations despite that may vary in the types of components and level of automation. Their main function is to proportion the various components in the exact quantities, which will make the specified concrete. According to the mixing process, the separation of concrete plant is divided into two types: ready-mix concrete plant, central-mix concrete plant.

concrete batching plant

ready mix Concrete Batching Plants

The Ready-Mix Concrete Plant is mainly found in large industries. Its function is to proportion the required components to make the desired batch for concrete. After all the components have been discharged into the truck, the truck's mixer drum revolves and blends the components until delivery to the site of work. Compared with ready-mix concrete plant, the major addition of central-mix concrete plant is that after the central plant proportions the components, a high speed and large volume mixer mixes the concrete. The plant discussed in this article is a central-mix plant, which is modeled with global automaton, a recently proposed hyper-class of hybrid automaton.

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