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JS1500 Concrete Mixer


JS1500 Concrete Mixer

JS1500 concrete mixer has the features of high-level automation, consistent mixing results, high productivity, simple operation, quick discharging and long service life, is one kind of multifunctional concrete mixing equipment.

Product Details

Mixing Elements
There are multigroup mixing arms and blades to ensure the mixture in the mixing tank thoroughly doing vertical and horizontal blend so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.
Liner Plates
The liner plates of JS1500 is composed of arc liner and end liner: the arc liner is made of hi-chromium alloy while the end liner is made of high-manganese steel and both of them have high-level wear resistance that are suitable for the concrete mixing standard.
Shaft End Sealing System
For horizontal shaft concrete mixer, the mixer shafts are always in the concrete admixtures with high corrosivity, so if there is no reliable shaft end sealing device, they may be damaged within a short period that in serious cases can cause mortar leakage so as to influence the gradation of the concrete. Camelway JS1500 mixer adopts multiple productive layer shaft end sealing system to effectively avoid the mortar leaking.
Hydraulic Discharging System
The discharging door is at the bottom of the mixer and is controlled by hydraulic system to do discharging work. The open and close position of the discharge door can be set at a random angle and you can regulate the sealing position to ensure the  fine sealability of the door.


High Efficiency
The number of mixer blades is one time more than common double horizontal shaft mixer: for common concrete production, it just takes 20 seconds mixing time and gets the homogeneous end products, and its actual efficiency is over 20% more than common mixer; for high performance concrete, it just takes 35 methods and the actual efficiency is over 50% more than common mixer.
Low Energy Consumption
It uses the structure design of large space and low volume utilization rate, so the spacious space can make the mixing process much easier; the blades can continuously push the material to form a high-speed circulation with a small impact load and low energy consumption; after the rigorous comparison test, it can save over 15% energy consumption than the traditional mixer host.
High Durability
The blades are made of high anti-abrasion alloy cast iron, combined with the perfect mixing device to improve the material flow, which reduce the friction between the aggregates and blades, and its service life reaches up to more than 60,000 cans. Liner plates adopts trapezoidal design and its service life can reach up to more than 70,000 cans if you are in accordance with the guidance of maintenance and adjustment brochure.
Long Service Life
JS1500 concrete mixer adopts imported advanced components and the diameter of its mixing tank is half smaller than the vertical mixer with the same capacity. The rotation speed of it is half slower than the vertical mixer, so the abrasion degree of its blades and liner plats is smaller and its service life is longer.
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