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Check the Concrete Batching Plant before Using


The concrete batching plant is an equipment for producing concrete. For safe production, Camelway recommend the users check the following systems before start running the concrete plant.

Check the storage system

Check the sand storage hopper and its various buckets for debris, if any, remove the debris. Whether the water in the water storage tank is leaking, the water supply condition and the operation of the water pump, and the water pump that has been stopped for a long time should be vented. The external additive tank should also be inspected as such.  

Check the fuel tank

Check the oil level of the concrete batching plant oil tank and the liquid level of the air compressor crankcase. Add compressor oil when not enough.

Check the conveyor system

Check if the belt conveyor belt is out of alignment and adjust the belt that is deflected. Check the steering of the belt conveyor, whether the sound is normal, and the motor casing is free of debris.

Check the pneumatic system

Check the operation of the air compressor and its motor, sound, motor temperature, etc. Check the water in the gas water separator. Excessive water accumulation, open the door to discharge. Check the oil level in the oil mister. When it is too low, it should be refueled; unscrew the lower drain screw plug of the air reservoir, before using the concrete batching plant.

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