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Concrete Batching Plant Relocation


Concrete Batching Plant Relocation

Concrete batching plants, also named concrete mixing plants, are relatively large-size engineering construction machinery. Some concrete mixing plants need to be relocated to another construction site. At that time, the concrete mixing plant needs to be dismantled.

Large-size concrete production equipment needs to set many precautions when relocating. The following are some of the things that need attention when the mixing station is disassembled:

First, the workers should remove the peripheral ingredient layer and some of the panels. Then, they can start to remove the control room and remove the link of the control mechanism. 

Concrete Batching Plant features

Then remove the mechanical parts of the screw conveyor, the belt conveyor head and the belt machine truss. The workers remove the connection of all the supporting equipment, and separate the relevant supporting equipment.

After that, they should remove the cement silo, the stair column and others. Then they dismantle the mainframe. Pay attention to the removal of the residual concrete when the mixing mainframe is removed, clean it and then place it.

After all parts have been cleaned, these devices are counted to ensure that the equipment is complete and intact.

The concrete mixing plant needs to be installed after disassembly, which requires ensuring that no parts miss. Therefore, the disassembled parts should be placed neatly. It is better to have a technician to guide the site when disassembling.

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