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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Advantages


The mobile concrete batching plant is a mobile mixing equipment that integrates the functions of feeding, weighing, lifting and stirring. It is one best matching machines in the construction of railways, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects. There are some advantages of mobile concrete batching plant.

The mobile concrete batching plant is easy to disassemble and install. When the mobile concrete plant is installed, if the ground is flat and solid, there is no need for foundation. It is very suitable for projects with tight schedules. The equipment is equipped with tires and traction pins. When the trailer is dragged, the high allowable speed is 60 km/h. When the trailer is moved, all the accessories are removed with the station.

mobile concrete plant

The mobile concrete batching plant has excellent mixing performance. It adopts a forced double-shaft mixer, which can achieve high-quality mixing in a short time. For dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportioned concrete, it can achieve even and good agitation.

The mobile concrete batching plant is controlled by computer, which can be operated automatically or manually. It is easy to operate and easy to master.

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