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Self-loading concrete mixer type


Self-loading concrete mixer type

Self-loading concrete mixer of household type. Such machines are preferred for small volumes of construction work when it is necessary to prepare a small amount of concrete mix. These mobile devices prepare from 100 to 300 dm3 of concrete mortar. This type of machine has a lightweight mixer with thin walls. This property negatively affects the duration of the equipment’s life, but on the other hand, this makes the unit easier, and therefore mobile.

Self loading concrete mixer type

Professional-style self-loading concrete mixer. Self-loading equipment of this type is distinguished by the strength of the working units, the large volume of the mixer, the increased wall thickness of the metal drum. In addition, the power plant of the machine has sufficient power to operate without interruption for up to 12 hours in a row. The working capacity of a professional device exceeds 200 dm 3, which makes the use of the unit cost-effective. Due to the large volumes of pears, they cannot perform a rotational action, therefore, such machines operate by forced type. That is, special internal blades make the mixing of the solution inside the mixer. The mixture prepared in this way is of good quality. The disadvantage of the forced type of mixing concrete is the inability to send monolith fillers - gravel and gravel into the drum. To prepare a suspension with solid components, a mobile concrete mixer with a self-loading gravitational type is used.

camelway Self-loading concrete mixer machinery

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