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Concrete Plant Pneumatic System Maintenance Tips


The pneumatic system of Concrete Plant is mainly composed of an air compressor, a gas storage tank, a gas source triple piece, a solenoid valve, a cylinder and others. Since the air pressure is used as a medium to drive the execution of components, its maintenance is different from other components. This passage introduces some concrete plant pneumatic system maintenance tips.

Air Compressor Maintenance

The air compressor is the core component that provides power for the pneumatic system. It is equivalent to the human heart, so its maintenance is very important.

· Check whether the air compressor oil is sufficient, the general oil level should be above the red line of the oil finder;
· At least 2 times of water should be discharged in the air compressor gas tank for each shift;
· The air filter of the air compressor should be checked for blockage weekly.

Gas Storage Tank Maintenance

· At least 2 times of water should be discharged per shift;
· Check whether the safety valve can be properly relieved every day.

Gas Source Triplex Maintenance

· Clean the filter element of the water separator every month;
· Check if the pressure of the pressure valve reducing valve is adjusted to 0.75MP;
· check if the rust-proof turbine oil in the oil mister is sufficient.


Check if the pipeline of the gas system is leakage. It can be heard directly from the ear.

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