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Prevention and Treatment of Concrete Plants' Common Problems


Fracture of belt interface and transverse tear in the process of belt conveying at a concrete mixing plant

Reason: The treatment of joint vulcanization is unqualified; (instantaneously) the impact load is too large, the vulnerable area is affected by the alternating stress and cause break. The direction of the interface does not adapt to the direction of belt movement; life-time service, and fatigue damage.
Harm: Severe damage to the belt
Prevention and solution: Minimize the load, especially the belts with counterweight tensioning device, the weight should be controlled within 200kg~300kg; Strengthen inspections, prevent foreign material from sticking the belt and scratching the belt; Strengthen the training of the belt assembly personnel, prevents the direction of the belt interface from being reversed.

Ashing Problem of Cement Silo in Concrete Batching Plant

Reason: The filter element of dust collector is blocked. When pumping powder, The pressure in the cement silo rises, when rises to the adjustment pressure of the safety pressure valve at the top of silo, safety valve opens, the ash gas escapes from the safety valve, cause silo roof ashing.
Prevention and solution: Before pumping powder, start the deduster vibrator of silo roof for 1~2min, shake off the dust. In addition, cleaning the filter element and safety valve regularly.

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