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Types of Cement Silos


Types of Cement Silos

Cement silos divides into three types: horizontal cement silos, vertical cement silos, and detachable cement silos. The following introduces the cement silos.

The horizontal cement silo is square and the bottom is supported by several legs. Its discharge cone is a square cone and its height is relatively low. Horizontal cement silo installations do not require foundations. It is often used in mobile mixing plants as well as in foundation-free concrete mixing plants.

horizontal cement silos

vertical cement silo

The vertical cement silo has a cylindrical structure, and the bottom is supported by four round tube legs. Its entire silo is welded with steel structure.In the top, it installs a dust collector and a pressure relief valve. Vertical cement silos are suitable for bulk cement and fly ash. It has the characteristics such as rainproof and moisture proof. Meanwhile, it is generally used as an accessory product for concrete mixing plants.

vertical cement silo

The detachable cement silo is made into a sheet shape for easy transportation. After being transported to the construction site, it will be assembled on site. The detachable cement silo is suitable for short-term concrete mixing plants. Most exported concrete mixing plants choose the detachable cement silos, cause it is easy to transport.

detachable cement silos

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