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Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines


In this technique, a process control program has already been put in place that doses the raw materials in order to obtain a certain type of concrete.

functionality and automation of a self - loading concrete mixer

All functions in the self-loading device are performed by a computer installation that controls not only the loading operations of the machine, but also provides the necessary proportions of the mixing components, monitors the dosing of the raw materials used, which ultimately gives an absolutely high-quality product of exactly the category that was laid down in the program. Water for mixing raw materials is pumped automatically from two containers welded together. A double screw with a four-millimeter pitch guarantees high-quality mixing of the components. 

Self Loding Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines

The operator in the cab sets a program that coordinates the speed of rotation and the correct operation of the device. The concrete mixer of the self-loading principle of action has in its arsenal of functions such as weighing, analysis of finished products, and even scanning and printing of results.

Camelway Self Loading Concrete Mixer

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